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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Turning Inward

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Celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year and the Spirits of Nature

My friend Trish has inspired me to write today's post. She wrote: "I'm suffering from a deep lack of motivation (aka the blahs)... maybe it's the weather, maybe I need more veggies, maybe I need more sleep. For now I'm doing a little yoga, having a cup of tea, popping out my markers and notebook, and...It's time to nourish myself until the motivation moves back in full swing."

Congratulations, Trish! You are in tune with the turning of the season.

The Celtic new year is just days away with the Samhain celebration! Samhain (pronounced "sow-in") is the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter in the Celtic realm. It is a time of celebration before going into the dark time of the year, a time when the veils between the worlds are thin, spirits walk about, and intuition and visioning are enhanced.

In our Western solar calendar, Samhain (Hallowe'en) falls on the eve of October 31st and the day of November 1st. But in the ancient traditions of rural Ireland, time was marked by the cycles of the moon, so on a lunar calendar, Samhain falls on the New Moon, which this year is November 3.

Read more about Samhain click here!

Edie Stone, teacher of Celtic Studies, encourages us at this time to focus on honoring our loved ones and ancestors, releasing old patterns, and welcoming the New Year. She writes that the days following Hallowe’en (All Hallows Eve) are a soul-infused time, ripe for releasing old patterns and welcoming transformation.

Stone invites us to use this time to honor ancestors and loved ones, to journey to receive messages from beyond the veil, to release, heal and transform grief or loss.

In Native American Medicine Wheel Teaching, this is the time of the second moon of the Spirit-Keeper of the West. The Medicine Wheel represents the many cycles of life and this position on the west side of the wheel, like the Celtic tradition, teaches us how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life.

I use a Medicine Wheel as a useful tool that works towards maintaining and restoring balance. An animal that shows up in the Medicine Wheel at this time of the year is the bear. Bears teach us to slow down and reserve our energies.

Think of what the bear is doing at this time... preparing to go inward, to go into the dark. She is busy foraging for food to build fat to sustain herself throughout the winter months, nourishing her body with food that will carry her through the winter months and into the spring.

The sacred energy at Samhain is the dance of life and death that brings rebirth. Bear medicine also has to do with awakening from within. The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection.
bear hibernating
Bear Hibernating 
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Bear...invite me into the cave
Where silence surrounds
The answers you gave
~Jamie Sams

Use this time to allow your intuition to come alive and energize intentions for the new year.

Affirmation for this time:
As I wake up today, I welcome clarity and inspiration!

For more understanding of the bear, check out the Wildlife Detectives as they follow Lilly and her cubs day by day, and record her activity and post photos. I've been watching Lilly at this site for a couple of years. Currently Lilly seems to be trying to decide where to spend the winter as she goes from den to den. Click here to go to the site!

Click Here For More Info On The Nature of the Bear

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Leiola Reeder said...

Nice reminder to go with the natural flow of the energies for this time of year. Love the cross cultural references. Thanks!

crosscreations said...

The autumn season changes can feel a bit sad for me, but also definitely also a time of turning inward. Off to hibernate and stoke the intuition.