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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Day of Balance and New Beginning

Solar Eclipse CCO
Solar Eclipse CCO Pixabay
Today is a day of Perfect Balance! The Equinox, the Light and the Dark, the Yin and the Yang in perfect balance within and without!

Today we have a ONCE IN A LIFETIME Rare Convergence of Cosmic Events!

I read at Mystic Mamma a "total Solar Eclipse coinciding with Northern Hemisphere's Spring Equinox and Southern Hemisphere's Autumn or Fall Equinox hasn't happened since 1662 and will not happen again until March 20, 2034. (WOW!)  And an Equinox and Solar Eclipse coinciding with a Super Moon?  Not again until 2053!"

A true day of beginnings. A new moon, a new season, and the moon moving into the beginning of the Zodiac and in the midst of this a total solar eclipse! It's all new.

  • The SUPER Pisces New Moon (it's a SUPER Moon!)
  • The Total Solar Eclipse (the only Total Solar Eclipse of 2015)
  • The March Equinox
"This is such a powerful triplicate of events! The Equinox, the Light and the Dark, the Yin and the Yang in perfect balance within and without, is amplified by the Energy of a Grand and Total Solar Eclipse, bringing us into the Dark from the Light to go within, to purify, to release and to return radiantly into the Light!"  ~Big Sky Astrology

This is a very significant and energetically important day...It's time to release the old and design and embrace the new.

Pisces (the place of endings) New Super Moon carries the same theme of letting go and then new birth and renewal following right behind in Aries making all things bright.
"Pisces energy encourages us to dream and vision what we can contribute to create the world we wish to inhabit." ~Mystic Mamma
This is a time when we are inspired and energized to make real our dreams and wishes.  The Super Moon (moon at it's closest point to Earth) makes this a strong New Moon. The Solar Eclipse amplifies the energy of this New Moon. Read more from Amy Flynn

Video March 20, 2015 — Total Solar Eclipse
To see what the eclipse looked like near the maximum point Click Here

To see Solar eclipse 2015: highlights Click Here
Watch highlights from the solar eclipse as seen from Newquay in Cornwall, from Svalbard in Norway and the Faroe Islands

Interesting Fact about the Total Eclipse:
"...the total portion of it will only be visible to those at the north pole. I read a science article online that said after 6 months of polar night (with the sun staying beneath the horizon all day long for 6 months)- the eclipse will be the day that the sun first appears in the sky and it will get fully eclipsed by the moon, which will bring a few minutes of darkness across the land." ~Divine Harmony
Do you know the story about  Demeter? "Each Spring Demeter (her Roman name Ceres) joyfully welcomes back her daughter Persephone from the underworld and the earth begins to turn green again. The sun returns and as the days grow longer, the warm winds begin to blow."  I have an article about her story. Read the story Here
I read that this portal of energetic support will last for the next 6 months. Post in the comments what new beginning are you planning? I would love to know what you are up to.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Solstice

Here in the U.S. we have just seen the longest day of the year, and are now moving full into summer--a time of health and growth.

Tomato plants have blooms, the flower gardens are filling out and the baby birds in my tree are leaving their nests. I find that I need to water my plants every day in this heat and I need to take special care to keep the water in the bird bath clean and full for the birds that have chosen to live in my yard.

This is a good time to give thought to our own emotional, financial, spiritual and physical health. If we are aware of any imbalance, this is a good time to concentrate on the feeding of the "weaker" aspects and allowing ourselves to fully blossom to be the lovely creatures that we were created to be.

Here is a Haiku for you to ponder:

Summer Solstice

summer solstice
the measuring tape reels back
into its case
~~Carolyn Hall

Sunday, March 01, 2009

How Is Your Balance?

Do you ever feel like you're standing on a very small ledge? What do you do? With all the shifts happening in our world today, many people are finding themselves trying to balance on a very small ledge.

Balance is commonly seen as being a condition of stillness and rest. Yet, people cannot reasonably find a fixed point of balance in their lives because life is not static.The changing nature of existence means that we need to be re-adjusting constantly.

This process of continual re-adjustment, or 'dynamic balancing' occurs in relation to the changing nature of our lives and our environment. We cannot expect to be 'balanced' because nothing in our lives will ever remain stable and fixed.

What can you do? Stay focused on what you want to have in your life. What you focus on is what shows up!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tai Chi, How to Breathe & Get More Energy

John Crewdson is another enthusiastic T'ai Chi Blogger. He recently posted about how most people have forgotten how to breathe properly. He points out that we all knew how to breathe as children, but that we forgot as we became adults and that we struggle because of it.

John writes that breathing "wrong" is bad for us over the long term. Because of the way most of us have learned to breathe we slowly loose lung capacity over the years. Our lungs stop working as well because we only use part of them, and as John points out, what we don't use, we lose.

To improve your breathing use your stomach to pull down on your diaphragm so your lungs can fill up with air. Let your ribs expand naturally. Don't lift your chest. Sometimes it's easier to do this lying down until you get the hang of it. Soon this way of breathing will become more natural to you again as you begin to feel the benefits of filling your lungs with more air. You will have more endurance, more energy, be more relaxed and think more clearly.

Regular T'ai Chi practice helps you do this naturally. Read more about T'ai Chi--Click Here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I try to keep my life balanced. In many areas the learning curve is high for me. In some areas it's really a challange. I'm not in the medical field and I don't think of my self as a writer. What I am good at is research and reporting what I discover.

This blog will be a journal of my research and experiments for living a balanced life, spiritually, physically and financially.

I invite you along on my journey as a friend, reader and as a contributor.

To boldly go....