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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Virgo Full Moon 2015

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Full moon rising over snowfields.

Virgo Full Moon

Moon opposes Sun at 10:07 am, Mar.5, 2015

As I've said many times before, I understand very little about astrology. I do like to read what April Elliott Kent writes as she usually puts her knowledge of astrology into stories of insights about her own life experience and then extrapolates from that a wee bit of coaching from the lesson she has learned.

This month she writes about the Virgo Full Moon with the sun in the opposite sign of Pisces.

Kent writes: "We're reminded at the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, that we tend to fare best when our natural tendencies are tempered by their opposites. Virgo is at its best when it borrows from its opposite sign, Pisces, which tends to react empathetically to human frailty. Or course, a Virgo ... might say that Pisces' policy of rewarding imperfection with kindness is the same as having no standards at all. Pisces would say nothing in response, but simply smile understandingly."

Important take away - Balance

"... the ability to perceive the faults that prevent others from being great is no more important than the ability to make them believe that they are capable of greatness at all."

Do you have a team, clients, employee, or children? These are important words to remember. We are all coaches to someone. What kind of coach are you?

Read the whole article click here.

image: Full moon rising over snowfields
© Copyright Ross and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Is The Virgo New Moon A Lunar Re-Set?

"When you get right down to it, life is a grand mess – and in fact, it’s kind of beautiful that way. Maybe everything is already perfect, just as it is, and your only job is to figure out your place in it,"  writes April Elliott Kent on her blog 
Big Sky Astrology

Referring to the Virgo new moon in August, Kent writes that Virgo encourages us to "become better,  more useful. Be of optimal service. Figure out what the world needs from you, and organize your life in such a way that you’re able to give it." 

She offers that "If we orient ourselves in that way, she thinks "Virgo will be pleased with us – no matter how messy our houses, how unbalanced our checkbook, or how abundant our cellulite."

Molly Hall at About Astrology titles her entry Virgo New Moon — August 25th, 2014: Purify Thyself. She writes “So with this Virgo lunation, we enter the zone of decontamination from all that’s wafted and streamed through. It’s a lunar re-set, to redeem your sanity."

Hall asks "What are ways to sanitize your life?" She suggests that you ask yourself questions like, 

“What’s cluttering up my life?”  
“What’s toxic to my body, spirit, and mind?"

Are you trying to figure out your place in the scope of things? Are you one of those people wondering what the world needs from you and how you are going to give it? Do you wonder what's cluttering up your life? If you answer yes to any of these questions, let me suggest a  book that may be very helpful for you.

The Practical Guide to Figuring Yourself Out: How to Go from Stuck to Star of Your Life

This is a step-by-step handbook, written by Pat Honiotes, of techniques and practices that can help you learn what you need to change in order to move forward and create an action plan for change. Click this image to order the workbook.

I wrote about this book when it was first released. Read my post here:

new moon image by Timo Newton-Syms
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